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Nathan is a trained professional coach with CoachU Inc. who is currently working towards his ACC accreditation with the International Coach Federation. He has a passion for learning and leadership development, and over the past two and half years, has completed multiple transformative learning programs to discover his own potential, while enrolling others to do the same for themselves.


His past experience in multi-faceted from a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, with a Major in Finance and he holds two Red Seal designations. His aspirations are to continue to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavours and create new business opportunities for himself and others. You will find him daily readying and watching economic trends, geopolitical impacts, architectural influences and anything related to fitness and endurance. He also invests his time as an Introduction Leader for Landmark and plans to run his first Triathlon in Calgary, Alberta this year.


As a professionally trained coach with CoachU I work with my clients towards achieving their meaningful goals in life.

Coaching sessions are traditionally scheduled over the phone and is ideal while we’re all social distancing.

I am happy to offer a complimentary coaching session to explore the benefits of working together.

During unprecedented times, we are offering Covid-19 Coaching Scholarships. Please contact us.


I have many personal and professional program to complement our coaching conversations such as:

  • Personal Foundation Program includes exercises and assessments such as TruValues, Needless, Tolerations, Simplify your Life, and more. All these are designed to strengthen one’s personal foundation.

  • Clean Sweep Program

  • Life Purpose Worksheet and Personal Path Program

  • 101 Relationship Questions

  • Biz Whiz Success Program

  • Professional Practice Checklist

  • New Business Start Up Program

  • And much more



As a coach, my commitment is to:

  • Support my clients in setting larger, better, more rewarding goals, both personally and professionally

  • Meet with each client two or three times per month to help him or her strategize and take action

  • Ask more of my clients than they might ask of themselves.


Flowers and Citrus

Teacher, Author

“Nathan is a very attentive coach, a good listener and knows where to use sense of homor or where to call you out and help you to get unstuck. I would recommend Nathan as a coach as he is commiteed to transform lives, one person at a time.” 

Concrete Podium

Small Business Owner

“I highly recommend Nathan as a coach. He is effective in listening and guiding me to see where I was stopped. From the beginning I felt comfortable and in good hands”

Banana Plant

Coach, Owner

Nathan is an absolutely amazing coach I got many insights and aha our sessions that I never had from other coaching conversations.


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